In A Minute #9

Whoah! What a hectic few months I’ve had. Now that things have slowed down a little, I am…

Reading…… magazines. I am between books. I have just finished the almost unreadable Fifty Shades of Grey – it might be a bestseller, it might be full of pornographic ideas to spice up your life and it might have given lip biting its own facebook page, but it is by far the worst book I have ever read! I am yet to decide on my next book, but am thinking after the 50 Shades trash, I might need to soak up some non-fiction, to challenge my brain a little… In the meantime, I am taking the opportunity to catch up on a backlog of mags that I have let pile up over the last few months. I feel pretty chuffed with myself now when I read Country Style and I’m actually living in the country! Just wait til I have chooks and Hunter wellies – I could even make the cover!

Listening…… to the Paul Simon Anthology. So many excellent tunes to sing along to. And those African drums! A guaranteed toe tapper. You know, Paul’s kind of an educator, teaching me 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (could come in handy one day…) and how to lose those walking blues (I am considering hiding some diamonds in the soles of my running shoes…). Yep, Paul Simon is my long lost pal! He even calls me Betty and says “Betty, when you call me, you can call me Al!”

Watching…… all the post-Olympics reality TV. To be honest, it’s hard to avoid it. Plus I am yet to establish much of a social life in my new locale… Each night I surf between a variety of “real” people on the X-Factor, Farmer Wants a Wife, Don’t Tell the Bride, I Will Survive and Modern Family… oh wait, Modern Family’s not reality TV! It feels like it kinda could be though… Imagine if it was! Imagine if they were your family! If Cam were my brother-in-law, I would literally die laughing! But instead I watch b*tchy Gen Y’s fight for the love of a hairy farmer, shaky teenagers belt out Adele tunes, alpha males try to choose the perfect wedding venue thinking that they know exactly what their wife-to-be wants and macho truck drivers shaking their groove thang, giving gloriously camp gay men a run for their money in the diva stakes. Ah, reality!

Buying…… wedding presents. The wedding season for 2012 is almost upon us and the invitations are beginning to roll in. I really do love living vicariously through my friends, sussing out the kind of dinner parties they’ll throw and the colour theme for their house, all simply by checking out their gift registries! The kind of baking dish one selects really reveals a lot about a person…

Making…… crumbs. Or rather using breadcrumbs on a daily basis. You see, when I made the parmesan pangrattato for the cauliflower risotto, I needed breadcrumbs. I didn’t have any homemade ones and the only ones I could get at Harris Farm were in a bag. Or more like a sack. A one kilo sack. In an effort to avoid wastage, I have taken on the challenge to create meals that require crumbed items. There’s a lot of schnitzel in my life right now. It was either that or use the one kilo bag as a weight and finally get some tone in my biceps…

Planning…… exploration weekends. I have a list. It’s a rapidly growing list. It’s a list of places to visit. Places in Orange and places in the surrounding areas. There are old things and new things, seasonal things and all-year-round things. I have a map and am ready to hit the road. Curious companions welcome. Apply within. Must bring your own compass…

Loving…… my new house. I loved my little one bedder in Sydney – it made me very happy, hosted many excellent parties and supported me through a collection of cooking adventures for four years, but by the time I left, it had started to feel a little bit too small for me. My new house in Orange (well, it’s not actually mine, but my housemate, who does own it, has been incredibly welcoming and done everything possible to make sure it feels like home) is a house. With multiple rooms, an actual laundry, a walk in pantry, a wooden deck (perfect for summer entertaining!), a grassy back yard and a dog. A proper house. And when you walk out the front door, it’s open spaces and wide, tree-lined streets. Not a high rise in sight. Bliss.

Being…… brave. Last week, I had a little moment when I freaked out about what I’ve recently done. It’s not particularly a big deal, people move to new places all the time, but I think I spent so much of the lead up to my move writing lists, sorting out and renting out my Sydney flat, catching up with everyone before leaving town, having whirlwind weekends in Brisbane and Melbourne, plucking up the courage to resign from my job and just generally getting organised, that literally one week to the day after I spent my first night in my new home I kinda lost it. Not in a bad way, just in a floods of tears, feeling-sorry-for-myself-and-maybe-just-a-little-bit-scared way. Suddenly my little tree-change hit me full force. I called all members of my family in hysterics, exhausted all tissue supplies in the house, wore out my dearest friends who listened to my irrational blubbering and then just as suddenly as I had begun, I stopped. I took stock. And I told myself what all my lovely friends and family should have said (but kindly didn’t!)… “Calm the hell down Lizzie”. In other words, relax and enjoy. Buck up sister. Get a grip. And so I have. I still have mini-moments, but I simply remind myself that this is a change for the better and for the long term and that settling in will take time. And that deep down, I know it feels right. And that maybe I should buy shares in Kleenex…

Fact of the Day…… The Olympics are over for another four years. We might not have done as well as ‘they’ said we should (what do ‘they’ know anyway), but it didn’t stop me from feeling proud to be an Aussie. There’s just something about that hideous green and gold combo that gets the patriotic juices flowing! Just in case you need to be reminded about the power of sport and it’s ability to bring people together, check out this little Olympics montage. See you in Rio baby!




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2 Responses to In A Minute #9

  1. Delicious Sugar Cube says:

    Hi Lizzo. Can recommend a great book called “When God was a Rabbit”, if you havent read it yet. Still fiction but a great read. Glad to hear you are settling in well, cant wait to come and visit. Nicho x

  2. Nicho – I have indeed read that book already. I have to admit, I didn’t really like it… A bit strange for me. Though I did love the old man that randomly lived with the family. He was fab! Love you x

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