In A Minute #8

Today I go on holidays! But right now, I am…

Reading…… Fragrant Rice by Janet de Neefe. The story of an Aussie woman who fell in love with Bali & a Balinese man, moved to Ubud and opened a cooking school. The Casa Luna cooking school, where I will be rattling the pans for a few hours during my trip to Bali!! It’s amazing to read about how she adapted to a new culture, but also taught her Balinese family a thing or two from the Aussie way of life, creating a life with the best of both worlds.

Listening…… to Nina Simone. I’ve whipped out my Compact Jazz CD this week and have had it on high rotation. You know when you have those “what if” conversations with friends about whether you’d rather be able to sing or to dance (sing), to play drums or guitar (guitar), to meet Brad Pitt or George Clooney (Brad Pitt) etc… Well not only do I wish I could sing, but I wish I could sing like Nina Simone. Sometimes I pretend like I can, and I belt out Feeling Good like there is no tomorrow. And it does feel good.

Watching…… Friday Night Lights. My friend Gem has been singing the praises of this series for a long time & leant me the lot on DVD so I could get on board. I’ll be honest, I haven’t taken to it as much as Gem hoped I would (it’s a little bit too melodramatic for me & I definitely don’t get American Football), but I can tell you that if there was a man like Tim Riggins in my life, I would be one happy lady. Nobody should look that good in jeans & a checked shirt. I’ve also maybe kinda started wishing I lived in Texas and had a Texan accent. And wore Cubans all the time.

Buying…… not a thing. I’ve been saving my pennies for Bali and a suitcase full of $1 DVDs and sarongs! And maybe a massage or two and a couple of cocktails by the pool…

Making…… Hot Cross Buns. I have quite an obsession for all things yeast related at the moment, which is not so great for any attempts at a low-carb lifestyle… Alas. But after my recent success with bread rolls, I set myself the challenge to make buns for Easter. My first attempt (pictured below) were deliciously fruitful & spicy, but I had a few issues with gluggy crosses. My second attempt, for Easter Sunday breakfast, were a smoother ride. The best thing about home-made Hot Cross Buns? Eating them hot from the oven, with lashings of butter. Low-carb lifestyle? Puh-lease…

Planning…… what books to read while I’m in Bali (Shantaram, a Sophie Kinsella & my next BOOKclub book), how much suncream to take to Bali, how late I’ll sleep in while I’m in Bali, how much chicken satay is too much in Bali, which beach club I’ll lounge at in Bali… You get the drift… I’m kind of excited…

Loving…… my mini Picasso. A few weeks ago I partook in some 30th birthday celebrations for my oldest friend Billie. After a beautiful & civilised lunch, we ventured down to the local pub & enjoyed a couple of Guinness’s (!!!), some Van Morrison on the juke box and some chat with the locals. All of which meant that we moved slowly the next morning. With a ticket to the final session of the Picasso exhibition at the AGNSW, I was meant to head back to Sydney early, but by the time I was ready to drive, I was too late for my date with Pablo. Alas. A few days later though, a package arrived for me at work, with a beautiful note from Billie & a small but perfectly formed Picasso. In miniature. Who needs the real thing when I have one painted especially for me? It’s Picasso perfection. And to the talented artist: I know you laugh, but you made my week with that painting. Mini Archibald Prize here we come!

Being…… green with envy of Mum’s neighbours, the proud owners of a Russian Blue kitten called Maurice. He’s like an old man in the body of a fluffy blue ball. We had a day of kitten-sitting over Easter. I was hooked. It was almost a case of kitten-napping…

Fact of the Day…… the voting is open! I am again calling/begging/asking/pleading/forcing all my loyal readers to Vote For Me in the Best Australian Blogs 2012 – People’s Choice Competition. Click on the big blue button on the right hand side of my blog home page & scroll through to page 5, where you’ll find Tablecloths & Talking right at the top. Tick it and Vote! You won’t regret it. If you vote, I will cook for you…



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Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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2 Responses to In A Minute #8

  1. Gemene says:

    How can you love Tim Riggins without feeling the love for FNL? Crazy.
    I was going to withhold voting till you came to your senses… but that lasted about a second and then I voted for you xx

  2. genevieve says:

    You got my vote Lizzie!

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