Sunshine, on my window, makes me happy…

…Except that we’ve had 18 days of rain in February, so actually there hasn’t been that much sunshine… We were even gifted an extra day of Summer in this Leap Year, but still it rained. So in the end February was mostly about making the most of the sun when it shone.

This month I…

Ate pretty little canapés, spicy paella and a chunk of parmesan from the biggest wheel of cheese I’ve ever seen, while attending the Merivale Events Open Day.
Wondered at the kind of person who would actually book a function in the Penthouse of the ivy. Brian McFadden, that’s who.
Basked in the glory of frequent flyer points and booked myself a trip to Bali.
Partied with a bunch of oldies at my Ma’s 60th birthday. They might be hiding grey hairs but they can’t hide their love a good shindig!

Indulged in a post-sixtieth wine night with Evans, relishing being back in the company of a young-pup after a weekend with said oldies.
Got hooked on ABC mini-series Zen starring scruffily sexy Rufus Sewell.
Had a sensational BOOKclub dinner at teeny-tiny-laneway-bar Grasshopper. A new fave.
Wondered whether just as red cars go faster, red hair grows faster and had yet another fringe trim.
Enjoyed a pouring rain last-lunch-pre-baby with my neatly rotund friend Deb.
Whooped it up on the red carpet with Ween at the opening night party of the Imperial Hotel.

Made the most of a celebratory brunch at Burnt Orange & ordered extra avocado with my bacon & eggs. Those VIP bubbles really hurt the next day.
Strutted my stuff in newly purchased Summer shorts. Green. Happy.

Checked the iPhone weather, noted several consecutive hours of sunshine forecast and hit the beach.
Gave my little Barina a pat for being so excellently compact, allowing us to snaffle a perfect beachside park, in the worlds smallest car space.
Momentarily thought that it was “just another Jeff Goldblum” prank when someone said Whitney had died.
Laughed (and sort of cried a little bit too…) at my sunburnt knees. Damn impromptu beach visits.
Celebrated with my Mum, the sale of her Sydney home. Her home for 16 years. Our home together for 9 years.
Took a trip down memory lane, remembering all the wonderful times we had in a pretty spectacular little inner city semi. That house loved a party almost as much as I do…
Watched and absolutely loved the Downton Abbey Christmas special. Thank god for happy endings!
Whipped up some Rocky Road as a Valentine’s treat for the girls at work and won a few hearts!
Celebrated Valentine’s Day with two of my favourite ladies, sharing a 3 course feast, a glass (or two…) of bubbles & a couple of dodgy homemade cocktails.

Proudly soaked up the “you look much younger than 30” compliment from a sexy French barman. Surely he wouldn’t lie…
Hit up Karaoke World with the girls and belted out I Will Always Love You in a soaring Whitney tribute.

Turned real estate mogul for a morning & took in a few open houses.
Acted super cool upon hearing the $1.7million asking price… *cough cough*
Checked the iPhone weather, noted several consecutive hours of sunshine forecast & headed to Balmoral again.

Got my Sunday night cook on and slapped up a cheesecake.

Sat on the couch with my Mum, watching *read: judging* Please Marry My Boy and doing some darning. Don’t tsk. I bet you’ve watched at least one episode…
Praised Mother Nature for her kindness as I watched my friend Tully glow in the blue skies and sunshine on her wedding day.
Wondered whether anyone could pull off a Vera Wang wedding dress quite like Tully. Stunner.
Slip-slop-slapped and spent a good few hours on Gerringong beach.

Tried to fight the “back to Sydney blues” as we left behind the rolling green hills & blue water of the South Coast.
Was introduced to a hidden Sydney gem (by my god-daughter) in Via Napoli and their metre long pizzas.

Tried to avoid all mention of the small snake of a man and his bogan ranga opponent as they idly batted swords in the general direction of each other.
Appreciated some fresh Holbrook eggs and ate omelette for dinner. Two nights in a row…

Rejoiced at the arrival of Deb’s beautiful baby girl – Evelyn Harper.
Got stupidly excited about the 24 year old twins who dined in our Steakhouse to celebrate their 6th birthday on 29th February!!
Told anyone who would listen about the “24 year olds, but really they’re only 6 years old” TWINS who ate in our Steakhouse.
Thought about joining the 6th birthday celebrations. Then realised that was weird. And a little bit creepy.
Only six years old!!! So cool.
Decided maybe I need to get out a little more… It’s the small things…



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Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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