30 Before 30 #6 – Dye my hair a completely different colour…

Happy New Year & Hello 2012!

If you spent any time with me in 2011, you would know that the phrase “in the new year” was a regular procrastination excuse. As with all excuses, there comes a time when they just don’t cut the mustard (where does that phrase come from?) any longer.

What did I think? That the new year would never arrive? That time would stop in 2011? Well, no. And now that we have welcomed the year that is two-thousand-and-twelve, all those things I said I’d do in the new year actually need to be done. This includes the list. You know the one. Those pesky 30 things I said I’d do before I turned 30. And wouldn’t you know it, my birth back in 1982, means that this is the year I hit the big three-oh. So now I’ve got 6 months to really make some ticks.

So, today I knocked off number 6 – “Dye my hair a completely different colour. Probably red.”.

This is me before…

This is me after…

I’ve gone from naturally mousey, typical gen-y up-do to Florence and the Machine auburn, fringe and waves. Or at least the tone-deaf version of…

I’ve joined the ranks of our Prime Minister, Ronald McDonald, Ginger Meggs and Julia Roberts. A pretty esteemed bunch wouldn’t you say!

And I have to say, after the initial moment of surprise as I sat in front of the mirror, my hairdresser finishing the last of my tousled curls, I am pretty happy to be a ranga.

The dog days are over!



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4 Responses to 30 Before 30 #6 – Dye my hair a completely different colour…

  1. Billie says:

    I love your new hair Lizzie it looks so good.

    Let’s go through our lists together – we might be able to cross some of them off together 🙂

  2. Mum says:

    Lizzie, on initial sighting I really like this but I look forward to seeing it “in the flesh”. Charlie and I think there is a touch of Toni Collete in the pose!

    XXX Mumsi

  3. genevieve says:

    Ummmm – I love it! Love it! 🙂

  4. Suzann says:

    Hi, what product did you use to give you such great auburn hair.xXx

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