Thanksgiving without the turkey – a Tea Party for grown ups.

I don’t know much about the American tradition of Thanksgiving, except for what I’ve seen in movies – turkey, family, booze, and thanks – but I’m pretty sure it’s about giving thanks for the things that we are grateful to have in our lives.

Last weekend I hosted a High Tea Christmas Party as a way of saying thanks to my wonderful friends.

To be completely honest, there were other reasons for having my little tea party – an unused, motley collection of tea cups gathering dust in my cupboard, a shiny bottle of French champagne gathering dust in my cupboard, a plethora of recipe cut-outs poking their way out of my bookshelves and a sense of itchy feet with the lack of entertaining in my little flat this year – but overall it was a chance for me to tell the people who I love having in my life, that I love having them in my life.

Obviously the usual amount of faffing and preparations went into the day, including several attempts at planning the menu and deciding which cocktail I would serve (sadly not a successful venture. More on that later…).

In the end, I popped Spring flowers in vases, put up the Xmas tree, cooked up a combo of sweet and savoury treats and dressed myself in a festive colour blocking outfit.

A collection of tea cups. Though in the end, only one person had a cup of tea! A sure sign of a “grown-up” tea party, when the drink of choice is bubbles rather than a pot of brew.

Spring flowers.

Strawberry & Lemon Curd Meringues. Homemade except for the strawberries.

Moet and a Carrot Cake with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting.

My girls. Minus a few latecomers.

Sweet Potato Patties with coriander yoghurt dipping sauce. A crowd favourite.

Smoked Salmon rolls.

Melon & Prosciutto.

The full High Tea spread.

It’s always a good sign when every plate returns to the kitchen completely empty and that’s how the day finished. I’m still not sure whether I under-fed them all or whether they over-ate…  Nevertheless, the plates were empty and apart from the shudders of the unfortunate few who had to drink the Lychee Cocktail concoction that I served up, it was a perfectly lovely summer celebration (I should be thankful it was the day before the bone-chilling weather set in!).

I really feel like the Yanks might be on to something with Thanksgiving, even though I’m sure I missed the traditional message (something about a harvest…), I certainly believe the overall message is a good one. A chance to say thanks and Merry Christmas. And I finally got to show off my tea cup collection!

Of course, we needed to erase the memory of the lychee/vodka disaster (and continue the festive cheer) with a quick trip to the local cocktail bar for an Amaretto Sour (or two…).



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One Response to Thanksgiving without the turkey – a Tea Party for grown ups.

  1. Billie says:

    Very disappointed I couldn’t be there, I think I would have been the friend to drink champers out of those gorgeous tea cups 🙂 Billie

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