Mrs Sippy – good, clean pun. I mean fun.

The Date: Wednesday 12th October 2011

My Date: Ween. As happy as Ween and I both are taking it in turns to cook for each other every now & again mid-week, there wasn’t too much apprehension when I suggested we ditch the home-cooked meal and eat out East side on Wednesday night.

What Is It: A funky new Double Bay haunt. With a clever play on words (yes, I admit I did not pick it up immediately), this bar named after a river, runs full with happy patrons. It’s bringing the cool crowds back to Double Bay.

We Ate:
• Entree: calamari, chorizo, raddichio, mint – we shared this delicious combo and I’ll admit I would happily have had the whole thing to myself. Chorizo and calamari is a great combination. And I’ve recently discovered that chorizo and mint is an excellent combo too. Winner.
• Main: ocean trout, mussel & crab vinaigrette; sautéed prawns, chilli, garlic, lemon; broccolini; cauliflower cheese – Ween had the prawns, I had the trout and we shared the sides. I to’d and fro’d trying to choose my main (steak frites, blue swimmer crab linguine or trout), but in the end went with the dish I would normally never choose. I wasn’t disappointed. The trout was perfectly complemented by the subtle mussel & crab vinaigrette. And the cauliflower cheese – well, I think the photo below says it all…
• Dessert: After much umming and aahing and an almost broken neck from straining to see the desserts on other peoples tables, we actually decided to sit this one out and just had a couple of hot chocolates to finish. If I was going to have a dessert though, I probably would have had the banoffee banana split. No wait, the chocolate tart. No wait, the lemon meringue pie. Tough call, no?

We Drank: Pre-dinner, Ween had a cocktail (with a half passionfruit floating on top) and I had a corona. With dinner we each had a glass of Pinot Gris.

Cost: Reasonable for a dinner in the heart of Double Pay. I mean Bay. We spent about $60 each. Entrees $10-$21, Mains $16-$29, Desserts $12-$14.

The name. Once I clued in. I mean it is quite clever, really isn’t it? Mrs Sippy. Mississippi.
The massive, old school, leather couch. I think it was probably about a 10 seater.
The enamel plates. Even though they remind me of the shearers having smoko when I was a kid, there’s no doubt they added a groovy touch.
The size and atmosphere. It was deceivingly large. And flowed really well from restaurant to bar. I was just as happy sitting out the back enjoying a drink in the bar, as I was sitting at my table, watching the action in the kitchen.
The dessert menu. Impossibly good. And I yet somehow I managed to show some restraint.
The Eastern Suburbs feel of it all. So typically Double Bay. Popped collars, designer handbags and big sunnies.

Loathed: The staff. Major attitude. A smile wouldn’t go astray. And the Eastern Suburbs feel of it all – the fact that it felt like everyone was looking at each other and sizing up whether they actually belonged there.

The Final Word: It’d be a lot of fun to head back for a Saturday night out. The people watching would be so entertaining! Or maybe I’ll just go back for dessert…

Mrs Sippy
37 Bay Street
Tuesday-Sunday (varying times for breakfast, lunch & dinner)



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Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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4 Responses to Mrs Sippy – good, clean pun. I mean fun.

  1. genevieve says:

    Hi Lizzie! Love this little review, brilliant as always! Have you seen this foodie blogging competition thing that is being run by Hunter Valley Wine Country Tourism? I think you should definitely definitely enter it … it closes this Friday so get on it!

  2. Thanks Gen! Sounds great. I will definitely enter. I would certainly love a few weekends in the Hunter, eating and drinking and being merry! Have you entered too?

    • genevieve says:

      Excellent – I think you’ve got exactly the right writing style they’re looking for! I did enter, but I don’t know what kind of chance I’ve got because I don’t really do many reviews as such – mostly I write about the stuff I make myself, so I don’t know if it will fit with what they have in mind. I gave it a go though, I guess you never know. And, you can enter more than one blog entry – so make sure you don’t just enter one time!

  3. I hate it when staff have really bad attitude. why, why why!

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