In A Minute #6

Right now, I am…

Reading…… Joe Cinque’s Consolation by Helen Garner. A gut-wrenching true story, written with honesty & emotion. Revealing things I’m sure I didn’t want to know about our legal system, I absolutely cannot put it down. I have also just finished Belong to Me by Marisa de los Santos and it went straight to my “pool room” bookshelf. An absolute favourite. Wonderful characters. Brilliant writing. If I was going to write a book, I’d want it to be like Belong To Me.

Listening…… to Sweet Baby James. The Best of James Taylor. A $9.95 bargain bin special at JB Hifi, I am loving Taylor’s sexy voice and folky tunes.

Watching…… The Slap. The ABC adaptation of Christos Tsiolkas’s amazing book. Spectacular. Even though I knew the ‘slap’ was coming, I think I held my breath for the entire first episode. Bring on episode two.

Buying…… new tyres for my car. It’s time to treat the Barina to a makeover and myself to a safer road trip.

Making…… Greek Feast. Actually not making it at all, but certainly enjoying eating it. Sometimes things just taste so much better when they’re cooked by someone else. One of the joys of my job is being part of the taste test team for new menu items. Not a bad perk I’ll admit. We stuffed ourselves on perfectly pale pink taramosalata, warm sautéed squid, Greek salad, slow cooked lamb with potatoes and a couple of Greek desserts at Georges. A feast indeed. I do love my job.

Planning…… Mum’s 60th birthday party. It’s a few months away, but you know me – once one event is down, it’s time to start planning another one. And now that a certain wedding is done, I need something to plan. OK yes, the birthday girl seems to be taking a little longer to warm to the idea of a party in her honour than I would have liked, but I think my elbow twisting technique is pretty well honed these days… Give me a few weeks, a well-formatted guest list, a draft menu and a story board of decoration ideas and I think she’ll change her mind!

Loving…… my shampoo & conditioner. After more than a decade using the same shampoo and conditioner – which I realise is possibly quite weird – about six or so months ago I decided I no longer loved Garnier Fructis and needed a change. So I’ve gradually been trying out new brands, basing my selections on important criteria like smell, shininess of hair, cost, colour stay, bottle size and shape, brand… You know, the usual… But I wasn’t having much luck finding something I liked. Just when I thought I’d have to go back to the old fave, I finally found one I loved. Dove Damage Therapy Colour Care Shampoo (me and my sensitive skin are fans of Dove soap, so I figured me and my hair might love the shampoo). Not only does it match my bathroom perfectly (I promise this wasn’t a deciding factor in choosing…), but I’ve had compliments on shininess and smell too!

Being…… a Bridesmaid. On Saturday my beautiful friend Bec got hitched to the perfectly matched (in tallness and) in life, Dave. I was lucky enough to be a part of their big day, performing important bridesmaid duties and taking a front row seat as they committed to each other. Then we partied in true B&D style, celebrating the start of their new life together. Oh so fun. Happy wedding Becko!

Fact of the Day…… the Wallabies have made it into the Rugby World Cup semi finals. If we can beat the All Blacks on their home turf, with a stadium filled with angry Kiwis and all the odds against us, I think there will be tears. Of joy for every rugger bugger Australian. Of vengeful hatred and shell-shocked depression for the entire NZ nation. Go the Wallabies!!



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