Diagnosis: Social Exhaustion. Prescription: Enjoy now. Sleep Later.

This time a week ago, I had almost an entirely empty week laid out in front of me. My plan was lots of home cooking, watching a bit of tele, limiting my booze intake, reading my book, catching up on the magazine sitting in a pile on my coffee table and a series of early nights.

Seven days later and I’m looking back on one of the most jam-packed weeks I’ve had in months.

MONDAY: Trivia at The Union with Ames, Doug and Evans. OK, so we came 5th last (that’s 14th out of 18 teams!) but we stuck together like a real Wolf Pack should, we didn’t use Shazam or any other iPhone app once, we didn’t let the fancy flashing table numbers distract us and we knew that The Magic Pudding was called Albert. Or at least Doug knew that. Or just totally fluked it. We were never quite sure…

TUESDAY: A play at The Griffin Theatre with Mel. Thankfully “Smashed” was only 45 minutes long and without interval, as I’m not sure I could have sat through a second act. The set was amazing, the two actresses very impressive, but the story went entirely over my head. And as I’ve been told this week that I’m a terrible liar, imagine the way I squirmed when asked to give my review… In the end I deflected by drawing attention the woman in the front row who’d passed out drunk half way through!

WEDNESDAY: A last minute invitation to dinner with my old friend Trent and his new lady love. It was a late afternoon invite for dinner and I couldn’t say no. It wasn’t just that I was excited to be catching up with Trent or curious to meet the lady who has stolen his heart, but dinner was at Peacock Gardens. It’s got to be the best Chinese north of the bridge. Still going strong after 37 years, we were lucky enough to get a quick table visit from owner Jacky, as well as five courses of spectacular food. And some pretty impressive fortunes in our cookies. I actually got two fortunes from one cookie – that’s gotta mean something right?

THURSDAY: Dinner with Evans at Steersons. An early birthday celebration for Evans and the chance for me to show off one of the restaurants in the group I work for. It had been in the diary for a few weeks and I was pretty excited. To the point where I’d been to talk to the chef and tell him what I was planning to order…! In the end I went for the fillet mignon, cooked perfectly medium rare. This followed the best chicken terrine I’ve ever eaten and preceded a gooey banoffee pie. Accompanied by a bottle of birthday bubbles and three Italian men (the perfect side dish!), I think it’s fair to say that Evans and I had a pretty fun night!

FRIDAY: Cocktails at Honey Rider. This teeny tiny bar opened at the top of my street a couple of months ago, so it was about time I checked it out. Named after a Bond girl and with walls adorned with a moose head, a collection of clocks, old telephones and other eclectic bits and pieces, this small but perfectly formed bar has developed a very loyal following in a very short time. After my two cocktails (a Mai Tai and a Bramble; both recommended by the owner) and the fact that I bumped into two people from the past, I will most certainly back. My absolute new favourite local.

SATURDAY: Brunch with about-to-pop Tils. Well, not so much pop as deliver her first child. I enjoyed a combo of Boston beans, bacon, eggs and hash brown and the chance to give one last pat & pep talk to the person growing inside radiant Mum-to-be Sarah’s tummy. This was followed by a tour of soon-to-be-wed’s Bec & Dave’s newly renovated pad. Apart from the fact that I have major house envy, it was exciting to finally see them (almost – just a few more boxes to unpack!) settled in their super funky home. And I helped to hang some pictures. Who knew I could be so handy with a tape measure?! Then I finished off Saturday with a dash down to the Shire to have dinner with Gem & Stu. The lightning made for a pretty good light show as it bounced off the water outside the Royal Motor Yacht Club at Port Hacking. Though I have to admit my focus was somewhat shifted once my schnitzel dinner arrived – it was literally the size of my plate. World’s biggest chook.

SUNDAY: A date with my sorely neglected apartment. Once I woke from a deep and much needed sleep, I took my cup of coffee back to bed and didn’t move until I finished my book. I then spent the day reminiscing, as I waded through two boxes of accumulated paper from the last few years. I came across invitations to all sorts of parties/weddings/christenings, not to mention post cards from all over the world, speeches that I read at friends 21st birthdays, dinner party menus, university transcripts, employment references and bills, bills and more bills. Did someone say hoarder? Finally, in perfect Sunday arvo bliss, I put the oven on and baked a batch of Butterscotch Madeleines. Perfect little French sponges.

Yes, it was a week of unexpected, slightly exhausting, a strain on my liver and on my relationship with my barely slept in bed activity, but it was absolutely worth it, immensely enjoyable and an undeniable reminder of the beauty of a little spontaneity in one’s life.



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Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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