Wanted: H W & A F L W A F S H I T B…

Last week the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide was released and non-foodie people all over the city were asking why people were talking about restaurants with caps… No, wait. I think maybe it was hats?

For any foodies however, the release of the list of “hat-winning” restaurants gives them a whole new purpose in life and a renewed fear of the upcoming loosening of their belt one more notch.

How beautiful is this “hat” created by Chef of the Year winner Peter Gilmore from Quay restaurant, using edible flowers?

For me, it meant grabbing the Good Living and a pink highlighter and tallying up my score. Sadly no, I do not refer to a score for my latest culinary creation being included in the Good Food Guide, but rather the score that lets me know the challenge ahead of me – how many restaurants on the list do I need to visit?

My score? 19 out of 61. Pathetic. Oh, the shame.

Truly, I feel like I should have scored a lot better than I did coz I consider myself to be pretty on the ball when it comes to the Sydney dining scene. But it turns out I’m all talk, because even though I’ve talked about eating at nearly all of the hatted restaurants in Sydney, I actually haven’t been to very many. Clearly. I will put this down mostly to a budgeting issue – being semi-unemployed (or career-changing, as I prefer to call it!) for the best part of the first half of this year, I can’t say I did much more than write an incredibly long list of all the restaurants I want to eat at & attach torn out restaurant reviews to my fridge. The list kept getting longer, the fridge looked scrappier and the ticks were few and far between. And my bank account continued to remain rather echo-y.

But now that the challenge has been documented (with pink highlighter) for me by my own hand, and a copy of the Good Food Guide given to me (thanks to a generous supporter of my eating exploits!), I have no excuse but to go forth and eat.

So who’s up for being my dinner date?

WANTED: Hungry Willing & Able Food Lover With A Few Spare Holes In Their Belt…



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Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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One Response to Wanted: H W & A F L W A F S H I T B…

  1. Adrian says:

    Lizzo, the chance to tear you a new belt hole sounds like a great excuse for a catch up.

    Let’s tee-up a time and place, and I’ll bring Karen along for an evening of goss-swapping.

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