Monday night cooking with Foodies…

As much as I love my iPhone and all the convenience that it brings with it (I just downloaded the Woolworths app, which allows you to select your local store and create a shopping list and then tells you which aisle at your local store you can find the products in. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever! It just told me I can find sago in Aisle 11. I have been searching for sago for weeks! Including asking all my friends which section they think one would find sago. And it was in Aisle 11 all along! Thanks god for iPhones!) there’s one thing I don’t think I’ll ever stop using and that’s my paper diary. I just can’t give it up. And I colour code my appointments, which I’m sure is probably something that can be done on an iPhone, but it’s more fun to use a tri-colour pen!

For the last three years I’ve had the Foodies Diary – a diary with a recipe on every page, seasonal guides to fruit and veg, monthly recipes and wine recommendations based on the seasonal info and a schedule of all Farmer’s Markets. That’s over 60 recipes per year, over 180 recipes over three years. And until tonight, I had never cooked a single one!

I was flipping through my diary last night, skipping ahead into September and I came across a recipe for Beetroot Risotto with Goat’s Curd. It was only last week that I was asking people in the office what their favourite vegetables were and listing beetroot as one of my own, so when this recipe popped up, it seemed like perfect timing.

To start with, I boiled two whole beetroots in chicken stock. Once cooked (about 40 minutes), I strained the stock and peeled and diced the beetroot.

To a hot pan, I added a combo of olive oil and butter, threw in diced onion, crushed garlic and finely sliced leeks and sautéed til soft, then added the rice. I didn’t have any white wine on hand, so I added some verjuice instead, let that absorb then began to add the beetroot stock.

The colour change each time I added more stock was like a crime scene. Redder and redder.

Once all the stock was added, I then added the diced beetroot.

And I thought it was red before!

Last to go in was a few chunks of butter, some parsley and a whole lot of parmesan.

I actually think it’s by far the best looking risotto I’ve ever made. And I’ve made a lot of risottos in my time. Rice is so good looking when it’s red/pink/purple/colour-of-beetroot!

Served up with goat’s cheese (I can never get goat’s curd at my local Woollies, but I’ll be using my iPhone to search for it now!) on top, it was absolutely delicious. And definitely satisfied my beetroot craving.

Seriously, it’s got to be the best coloured vegetable in the patch.

Just remember to remember that you’ve eaten beetroot when you glance at your next wee. You might get a fright. The colour lingers for a while…



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4 Responses to Monday night cooking with Foodies…

  1. G says:

    that looks AMAZING!

  2. genevieve says:

    Where might one obtain said Foodies Diary?

  3. Gen, it’s publshed by Hardie Grant & the 2012 edition is due out tomorrow. You should be able to get it at any good bookstore.

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