Family history with a spectacular view.

This week I finally start my new job (I couldn’t be more excited!), so with only a few days left of doing very little – waking up in time for The Circle (I LOVE Chrissie Swan! She is absolutely one of the funniest people on TV.), having eggs on toast for almost every meal (cheap & filling), spending the afternoon channel surfing between so-bad-I-can’t-stop-watching daytime movies & an endless stream of cooking shows (I am totally considering going on Ready Steady Cook!) and braving the cold & rain to go for a walk beside the grey harbour – I decided I could do with a change of scenery (different couch, different TV…), so I packed my bag with lots of woollens and headed to the farm for a few days.

I leftSydneyand its torrential rain behind and drove towards blue skies and temperatures sub ten degrees.

Usually when I head to the farm, it’s for a weekend with friends and I’m rushing to get away from work on a Friday night and avoid the traffic as Sydneysiders leave the city en masse. It’s like my own personal version of hell, sitting in a sea of red lights and wishing I could teleport myself to a spot in front of the fire, with a glass of red wine.

Cut to me leavingSydneymid-morning on a Thursday, owning the road, not another car in sight. I couldn’t be happier. Once I’d left the highway in Goulburn and hit the country roads, I realised how rare it is for me to be on these roads during the day and not in any kind of rush to get there and get relaxed. I was already relaxed, so I just took my time and took in the scenery.

Which meant, that as I cruised along the last stretch of sealed road, and saw the signs for the “Sheck Webster Lookout”, I decided to stop and take in the view from the spot named after my grandfather.

Eccleston Webster – my Dad’s dad – was known to all who loved him as “Sheck”. He was a local farmer and part of the strong Webster family legacy in the area. Almost 20 years ago, the Webster family donated a small patch of land at the top of a hill called “Snowy Mount”, where the lookout was created.

Why this spot? Because it has an amazing view!

Summer or Winter, sunny or grey, when you take the time to stop at Sheck’s lookout, the view is always good. Whether it’s clear or misty and the land is green and lush or dry and dusty, it’s a pretty good spot to stop and think, breathe in the fresh air and take a moment to let all of life’s shitty bits wash over you. And for me, it was a chance to reflect on family and how long this patch of the world has been in my life. A long time.

Then I jumped back in the car and arrived at the house just in time for that cooking show…


PS – it’s a little cloudy in my photo (it was, after all, 4pm and about 5 degrees), but the mountains at the very far edge of the view are theBlue Mountainsand on a clear, sunny day, they perfectly live up to their name, radiating a strong blue haze. Pretty cool.


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One Response to Family history with a spectacular view.

  1. genevieve says:

    that is a gorgeous view! and how awesome to be able to visit a piece of family history like that – really cool!

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