A slice of Tuscany.

This week I…

Flew across the equator, leaving behind chilly days and heading for a family holiday in the Tuscan sunshine.
Watched copious amounts of plane movies – it’s got to be one of my favourite things, watching movies on a plane. Small screen, big headphones & you can’t hear yourself laughing out loud!
Did the crazy airport run, mowing down innocent travellers, and sweeping my niece Siri up for long-anticipated cuddles.
Tried to remain calm as I stared at a stopped luggage conveyor belt, wishing that my suitcase was still going to come through the hole.
Dealt with Italian airport bureaucracy with a strong sense of zen, until the moment I snapped and screamed “But you told me it would be here yesterday, not tomorrow! I WANT MY BAG BACK!!!!!!!!!”
Spent early jet-lag mornings exploring the garden with Siri.

Took a trip to the local coop and “oohed & aahed” at the spread of cured meats, the thousand varieties of pecorino cheese and the bags and bags of pasta.
Served up veal saltimbocca for the family and a glass of campari and blood orange for myself *insert group sighs of satisfaction here*.

Restrained myself from kissing the swarthy Italian man who delivered my suitcase.
Thought about the lost luggage process and decided it would be far preferable to be the delivery guy (smothered in grateful kisses) than the customer service lady (listening to angry verbal abuse). Felt a little bit bad. For both parties actually…
Spent a day by the pool, reading. Bliss.

Took a day trip to San Gimignano and had lunch in a small osteria – guinea fowl terrine and edible flowers. Yum.
Wondered how I will pack my purchases – a “one litro” glass carafe (so totally Italian) and several bags of coloured pasta (happy food!) – to get them back to Oz in one piece.

Sat back and enjoyed yet another anti pasto lunch (bruschetta, melon & prosciutto, several types of salami, plenty of cheese!) with the family, sitting in the courtyard of our lovely villa.

Took a day trip to Siena and ate pizza overlooking the Piazza del Campo. Melted cheese and amazing Italian architecture. Lovely.
Tried to ignore the fact that mostly my holiday so far has been about food…
Entered my caramelised fennel, prosciutto, gorgonzola and rocket pizza in the Webster family pizza cook-off. Who knew cooking pizzas was a competitive sport?!

Tied for first in the pizza comp! A massage from my younger sister awaits me!
Wondered how a week spent mostly doing nothing can go so damn fast. Lucky I’m here for two weeks…



About Tablecloths & Talking

Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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6 Responses to A slice of Tuscany.

  1. G says:

    Sounds like you’re having a ball. Enjoy, lovely xx

  2. I love San Gimignano….they have the best wild boar salami.

    In fact Voltera which is kinda just down the road, had the best wild boar ragu I’ve EVER had! And in Sienna I got a take away roast boar roll and cheese and a massive glass of vino rosso in a plastic mug for like $5 euros!!!!

    I love Italy. Sob……wish I was there.

    You totally suck right now!

    • I nearly had the wild boar ragu in Siena! It’s the local specialty. Thought of you last night when we saw a deer walking through the garden, which then lead to a long discussion about hunting and eating game. My sister-in-law is Swedish and grew up eating moose that her Dad hunted in the woods outside their house. Amazing!

  3. genevieve says:

    I am so jealous of you right now.

  4. genevieve says:

    I am so jealous of you right now.

  5. Emily says:

    I am salivating and thinking of bikinis at the same time. Have a ball!

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