Happiness comes in shiny glass jars…

Forget glass half full, it’s all about empty jars!

Check out the stash I scored yesterday…

And you see that giant bowl of lemons behind? My aim is to fill the empty jars with a batch of marmalade and hopefully a few of lemon curd too, before the end of the long weekend.

If you’re lucky, you might find yourself with a jar. So long as you give the empty one back after you’re done!

Happy long weekend.



About Tablecloths & Talking

Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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4 Responses to Happiness comes in shiny glass jars…

  1. genevieve says:

    Hope you got to your lemon curd over the long weekend – it was good weather for some cookin’! I can’t wait to see some pics of the fruits of your labours.

  2. I wonder if we could do a post swap of our produce? Like Chutney? How bout my Boysenberry Jam?

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