In A Minute #4 – 30 Before 30

I’m only a few days out from my 29th birthday. You know what that means? PARTY! Oh and that I’m only a few days and one year out from turning 30. Which means that list that I made, is breathing down my neck. Well, you know what I mean… I’ve only done 6 from 30, so it’s time to start knocking them off.

Right now I am…

Reading…… “Mon Droit”. The Webster family history. Actually, I’m skim reading it. As in, skipping to the page where my name is listed. Yay! I’m in a book! But seriously, reading this book is all in the name of number 10 & writing down my family tree. I still have to pin Mum down to get the other side of the family. It’s one big tree.

Listening…… out for the sound of a storm and the footsteps of a lucky man… Would love to knock off number 16 this weekend. A birthday kiss in the pouring rain – even better!

Watching…… Downton Abbey. And loving it. Love Maggie Smith as the cool & cutting Dowager Countess. I just can’t decide if I’d rather be upstairs (fabulous dresses) or downstairs (fabulous gossip).

Buying…… $2 scratchies. I figured I’d start low and see how I go. After all, I said my winnings could be big or small for number 11.

Making…… anything with lemons. After picking a giant basket of yellow from Dad’s tree, I spent the weekend making lemon & poppy seed muffins, lemon sorbet and a few jars of preserved lemons. Just in time for the next delivery of citrusy goodness to arrive from the second harvest. I’m thinking marmalade is next. Though I’m still waiting for you all to donate your jars…

Planning…… a weekend of horse riding for number 5. I’m hoping I can convince some of my lovely friends to come along for the ride… See what I did there. Clever pun hay? Ha! I did it again! OK, I’ll stop now.

Loving…… the blog world & meeting new “friends” in cyber space. I’ve come across two particularly clever bloggers in the last few weeks. And with all the commenting we’ve be doing on each other’s blogs, it’s become a little bit of a love-in/mutual-admiration-society. Genevieve Around the Corner makes me laugh. She’s fabulously funny and reminds me a little bit of me. Or at least the cool me I wish I could be. Plus she makes me feel brave about taking risks. Then there’s Whole Larder Love (that’s a clever pun!). Now this is a man who loves to cook. And cook with originality. Good hearty country stuff. With mouth watering photos to match.

Being…… zen. Or rather, trying to love my purple aura. On Saturday, I completed number 8 on my 30 Before 30 list – Visit a fortune teller. I’m not quite sure how this ended up on my List. I guess because, even though I don’t particularly believe in the spirit world and all the woo-woo stuff, I have always been a little curious to know what someone would tell me was in my future. To be honest, I had pictured myself paying a visit to some lady with one blue eye one green eye, wild grey hair and long yellow fingernails, sitting at a small table in a dark tepee at Darling Harbour, with tourists taking photos as I emerge from the darkness (I think I just described the witch from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves…). But in the end, after a quick google search, I took myself off to visit Kate St Clair – psychic, medium & tarot reader. I asked my friend Evans to come along as moral support, A.K.A so that we could have an instant post-session gossip! So in a leafy back street on the Northern Beaches, I sat down with Kate and the first thing she said to me was that she felt laughter all around me. If nothing else it made me relax. Look, I won’t bore you with the detail (except to say that when I turned over the LOVERS card I nearly jumped for joy!) but overall it was a good experience. I am no more or less cynical about the “they” she referred to constantly and do believe that the things “they” say are broad and open to interpretation, but I left feeling lighter than when I went in. Apparently I have a strong purple aura, which means that I am very mystical and in tune with the spirits. I’m not so sure about that (maybe the spirits in my liquor cabinet…) and not quite sure about the moment my grandfather popped in to say I should stop thinking so much and just do it. Though if he was there, he was certainly reiterating the message of the day. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Follow my heart, not my head. Do the things I want to do. And I think “they” might be right. So yes, I am happy that I had my fortune on my List and happy that Kate had normal length fingernails, a light and airy apartment and two eyes the same colour. Will I tap into my purple aura on a more regular basis? I don’t think so. But if Evans’s granny (long since departed, bless her) comes to chat to me, I wouldn’t turn her away. According to Kate, she is quite a chatter box!

Fact of the Day…… I have 369 days to complete 23 items on my list. That’s a fact.



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Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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2 Responses to In A Minute #4 – 30 Before 30

  1. genevieve says:

    Oh Lizzie, nothing I love better than a mutual admiration society! Thank you for saying such nice things about me… and thank you SO much for introducing me to Whole Larder Love…I love it I love it I love it!!!

  2. genevieve says:

    btw – I really hope you got your birthday kiss in the rain….how lovely!

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