A social whirlwind and a return to the kitchen.

We’re a quarter down, daylight saving has finished and the cold weather has begun to creep in. Yes, it’s April, which means before you know it will be 2012. OK, I exaggerate, but you can see the point I’m making – time flies when you’re having fun.

In the mammoth month of March, I…

Finished FebFast, raised a very respectable $300 and after 33 days of no alcohol, I had a drink. Then I had a sleep.
Apprenticed and watched a master arrange beautiful wedding flowers.
Developed wedding fever and watched Bride Wars, The Wedding Date (Dermot Mulroney – swoon!) and 27 Dresses (James Marsden – delicious!) in a 24 hour period.
Felt totally pampered getting my hair and make-up done alongside the bride.

Tried to cry in such a way as to avoid ruining said make-up. So much romance, so many tears. Thank god for waterproof mascara.
Witnessed true love in all its glory.
Witnessed someone try to use a clothes steamer as a vacuum cleaner…
Slept in five star luxury
Ate for the world in a round of socialising including Chinese by the harbour, small nibbles at Small Bar, organic pizza at Joost’s Greenhouse, bad service but oh la la French cuisine at Felix, a classic (with beetroot!) burger at Paul’s Café, Middle Eastern & nuts at Almond Bar, fluffy cabbage & a grill at Japanese, tapas & red wine at Firefly and giant bowls of pasta at Bar Italia.
Cautiously ate bright blue whipped cream. It was the middle layer of a cake at a 5th birthday party, but still.
Renewed my passport and cursed the no-smile rule. My guess is, it won’t be an Italian immigration officer who falls in love with me…
Survived an attack of pantry moths.
Choreographed some new dance moves while dodging said insects.
“Worked” in the bookshop and read three books in three days. Heaven.
Developed an odd new obsession with salmon fishing.
Continued to cringe and marvel at the new love on The Farmer Wants a Wife. Ring-a-ding-ding-Nick’s-the-King!
Booked a long overdue haircut & got myself a fringe again.
Lived it up at the Binda Picnics, catching up with old friends, old flames and my “breaders” (as in blog-readers)!

Teared up again as I watched another gorgeous bride choose her wedding dress. Kleenex is doing well out of me as my friends get hitched.
Brainstormed ideas for the Ultimate Aussie Dish – more to come on that.
Watched cat-fights, kissing and adolescent angst as I worked my way through old episodes of The O.C.
Watched cat-fights, kissing and adolescent angst as the Liberals romped it home in the state election.
Shut myself off for 12 hours and tried to overcome writer’s block to finish my entry in a short story competition.
Cooked up a storm in my kitchen including creamy quiche & ‘bride to be’ muffins (for pre-wedding calm), honeycomb bolognese cannelloni (for hungry young siblings), chicken pies (for a Mother/Daughter dinner), roast beef rolls (for race day munchies), apple sponge cake (a disastrous experiment, never again), pasta with caramelised onion, crispy bacon, parmesan & basil (my new obsession/specialty…), salmon crunch pie (using Mum’s famous recipe), wedding pavlova (a resounding success & my Ultimate Australian Dish – still more to come on this.), bread (a first attempt). At least my stove is feeling loved again.
Conducted a recruitment drive. *read as: begged people to sign up to follow my blogging adventures*

You know who you are.



About Tablecloths & Talking

Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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3 Responses to A social whirlwind and a return to the kitchen.

  1. k8aitken says:

    I’m in!! Looking forward to more. P.S. I hope your first bread baking attempt was more successful than mine! X

  2. Hooray Aitken! Thanks for getting on board. I actually had a dream about you last night – we had Auntie congratulation drinks and hugs! Missing you, but hope all is well over there. Enjoy the Spring sunshine!

  3. Yes a fringe works on you! I’m having that dilemma at the moment……do I get my long hair chopped off? I feel like a long haired bogan at the moment. I’ve never been good at finding my signature look. Hair style fail.

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