Greenhouse by Joost – going green by the harbour.

The Date: Thursday 10th March 2011

My Date: Ween. It was a long overdue catch up between BFFs. When we haven’t seen each other for more than 7 days, there becomes an awful lot to talk to talk about, so we can’t leave it much longer than that. Why not get together in a cube with harbour views and have a totally organic experience?

What Is It: I read about Greenhouse by Joost in the paper a few weeks ago and promised myself I would go there. So often I read about pop-up projects in Sydney, but by the time I get my act together, they’ve usually disappeared. But a cube, covered in green stuff, sitting by the harbour bridge and based on all organic principles was something I had to see. Joost Bakker, a Dutchman with a vision, has constructed a venue from 100 per cent recycled or sustainable materials. The herbs grown on the rooftop garden are used in the restaurant downstairs. The inside walls are covered with writing – menu items, the principles of the Greenhouse, the wine list – the outside walls are covered with pot plants.

We Ate:
• Pizza; it was simply listed as ‘pizza’ on the menu, no toppings outlined, but we’d seen a neighbouring table eating and decided it looked too good to pass up. I still couldn’t say for sure what was on it, other than tomato base and cheese on top, but it was tasty! Though the base was a little dry and tended to get stuck at the back of the throat!
• Sliced deli meats, tomato flatbread; delicious salami and prosciutto with slightly less scratchy bread. As much as I enjoyed it, I did find myself wishing for some good old fashioned sour dough.

We Drank: Little Creatures Bright Ale and Pipsqueak Cider – served in brown glasses (cute) and totally natural tap water (!) served in jam jars. I would have liked to have had a coffee – they looked delicious served in the jam jars too.

Cost: with our dinner and two drinks each, the night cost us $70 total. But the view is priceless.

Joost – he is a gorgeous blonde Dutchman & he was there, getting his hands dirty, serving people, in amongst it all
The view
The concept
The pots of strawberry plants covering the entire outside walls
The butterfly mural
The lack of electricity – sort of. They have an eftpos machine, but the lighting was candles only. Even in the toilets.
That the toilet doors were actually trestle tables
The fact that we got there before the queue
The quirkiness & creativity of the whole thing.

Loathed: the heat – being a greenhouse, on a humid Sydney night, makes me understand why people actually call greenhouses ‘hothouses’… And sadly the fact we didn’t realise we could go up to the roof until there was no longer room for us to fit up there!

The Final Word: it’s not around for much longer (til 28th March, before Joost takes it to Milan), so you’ll need to hurry if you’re going to get there, but it’s worth rushing. It’s an amazing place to spend time being green, gossiping and gazing at the harbour.

Greenhouse by Joost
Campbells Cove, The Rocks
Monday – Saturday, 9am – Midnight
Sundays 10am – 10pm



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