30 Before 30 #27 – Five star luxury.

Two weekends in a row and two ticks on the 30B430 list. Last weekend driving fast cars and this weekend living it up in a massive suite in a flash hotel.

Number 27 – “Spend a night in the best suite of a 5 star hotel.”

My wonderful friends Gem and Stu got married in the Hunter Valley on Sunday. It was an amazing wedding – I don’t know two people more in love than these two – in a perfect setting – Peppers Convent.

As much as I could happily go on about the day and how special it was, how much fun we had and how beautiful the bride looked, I must get down to the nitty gritty. The size of the bed and the softness of the sheets…

Peppers Convent, one of the many stars of the Peppers collection of retreats, resorts and hotels, is set amidst the beautiful gardens and vineyards of Australia’s world famous Hunter Valley Wine Country.

The Convent’s beautiful building was once home to the Brigidine Order of nuns in Coonamble. It was relocated to the Hunter and now sits amidst landscaped gardens and the vineyards of Pepper Tree Winery. The retreat offers guests an intimate experience with just 17 elegant and luxurious guest rooms, plus a pool, tennis court and outdoor heated spa and of course it sits in the middle of all that wine!

The experience at Peppers Convent starts when you turn into the driveway and look down the avenue of trees, to the circular fountain and the perfectly symmetrical convent building. It’s a pretty amazing way to make an entrance. On the inside, it’s beautifully decorated in a French Baroque style, with classic furniture and lush fabrics and waffle waffle waffle… You get the idea. It’s an amazing five-star hotel. It qualifies for my list. And did I stay in the best suite? Hell yeah, I did. I was in a “Superior Room”, with a deep bath, lots of fluffy towels, a HUGE bed and a glorious view out the balcony door to the lake and vineyards beyond.

So how was my night in my superior suite? Short, but oh so sweet. After a day of wedding preparations, celebrations, emotions and partying, when I got back to my room, I had a long hot shower and jumped into bed. Once I’d burrowed my way out of all the cushions and pillows, I curled up smack bang in the middle. You would hardly have known I was there the bed was so big! I fell asleep to the sounds of an old (and possibly haunted…) convent and some light rain. Total bliss.

When I woke up the next morning, after eight hours of uninterrupted, rejuvenating sleep, I felt like a VIP.

I won’t deny it would have been much nicer to share a room as fabulous as that with someone special, but I did enjoy the luxury of using as many bath towels as I liked, lying like a starfish in the middle of the bed and eating a two-person share of the continental breakfast!

But did I really notice the pelt of the curtains? No. Did I need eight towels and two bath mats? No. Did I maximise the five-star facilities? Not really. I even forgot to test out the very fluffy bath robe(s)! Rookie error!

But I did snaffle the “complimentary grooming items”!!

So would I stay five-star again? Ah, yeah. You bet I would, but at just under $400 a night, I dare say it’ll be a long time between VIP sleeps. Maybe it can be on my “Before 40” list…


PS – The history of the convent says that back in the days of the nuns, my room was the library. Kind of like my apartment…


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2 Responses to 30 Before 30 #27 – Five star luxury.

  1. Love it Lizzie. Every girl deserves that kind of luxury on a regular basis. x

  2. Bugger the someone special! You can’t pass up a good nights sleep!

    I used to travel a bit with work…….I used to have the best sleeps in nice 5 star motel rooms. I’d close the blinds, put on Etta or Chet and slip off to dreamy land.

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