Going without & getting the warm fuzzies.

February might be the shortest month of the year, but it seems I managed to fill it to maximum capacity this year. And at the end of it all, I feel really good. I think I’m having a moment. And I am so totally going to suck it all in, suck it all up and just breathe.

This month I…

Met some successful & very inspiring people, asked a lot of questions & took a lot of notes.
Watched season one of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl and whilst admiring the amazing lingerie & spectacular soft furnishings in Belle’s apartment, momentarily considered the possibility of a very risqué career change…
Had a mirror-moment & decided against said career change.
Shopped Sydney for silver shoes & came up empty handed. Felt a little like Prince Charming, but without the happily-ever-after ending.
Tee-totalled for 28 days & unearthed a previously undiscovered patience for drunk people.
Spent an afternoon in a Treehouse.
Questioned Mother Nature’s choices on numerous occasions.
Supervised the writing of a detailed list for someone else & again had to admit to my slightly perverse addiction to list-writing.
Bemoaned the fact that Demi Moore is married to Ashton Kutcher. Life can be unfair.
Shamelessly drooled at Ashton in his latest rom com. Life can be kind.
Got up before the sun rose. Twice.
Took up running again, on an abstract basis…
Rejoiced at the return of The Farmer Wants a Wife & blocked out Wednesday nights in my diary until the season is over.
Spent Valentine’s Day with Michael Bublé. And 20,000 others!

Re-watched Pride & Prejudice – 8 hours of it! The movie re-make & the swoon-worthy Colin Firth BBC version.
Moved my Vintage Classics edition of Pride & Prejudice to the top of my ‘read-next’ pile.
Ate a lot of omelettes, salads and banana smoothies & didn’t use my kitchen for anything taxing, other than jams, pickled cucumbers & stewed apples!
Missed spending time in my kitchen. I feel a little lost when I’m not cooking.
Entered wedding countdown mode for my beautiful friend Gem’s big day.
Channelled my teenage years and did a week of work experience.
Felt relief at the fact that I’m on the right track.
Wished for a double-foot transplant and full-body-massage at the end of 16 hours spent entirely on my feet.
Discovered a new appreciation for a long ago abandoned past time. Hot baths have healing powers.
Did a quick double-take – Elle MacPherson looks old.
Did a quick double-take – how does Dannii Minogue walk so gracefully in those sky-high heels?
Marvelled at the size of the sister ships – the Queen Elizabeth & Queen Mary 2 – and watched them leave our glorious harbour (and a crowd of grey nomads, dreaming of being on board) behind.
Shook my booty Beyoncé style & learnt the moves to the ‘Single Ladies’ dance. If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it!

Left the tequila shots & bar-top dancing to the Hen!
Drove like Schumacher (if Schumacher drove a Mini!).
Bought and fell in love with some funky purple nail polish. Bubblegum fingers!
Decided to try and think less & do more.
Laughed at the absurdity of such an unlikely proclamation, but thought, what the hell, might as well try.



About Tablecloths & Talking

Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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