Feb Fast – taking a break from boozing!

I have an announcement to make – I’m giving up the booze for a month.

Oh wow.

Yep, I’m taking part in FebFast.

FebFast challenges people to press the pause button on their alcohol consumption during the shortest month of the year, and at the same time raise funds to help reduce alcohol and other drug related harms amongst young Australians.

Apart from the fact February is the shortest month of the year (which helps keep this challenge somewhat less daunting!), it’ll be good for my health, good for my wallet and support a good cause.

So, as tomorrow is January 31st, I’ll need to empty the fridge of all alcoholic beverages, lock my liquor cupboard and drain that last cocktail!

Please sponsor me at this link:


I need all the support I can get!

See you on the other side!


PS – the above cocktail was a delightful Summer Geisha (Wyborowa vodka, Massenez Fraise des Boise & Carton lychee liqueur, shaken with ruby red grapefruit, passionfruit & a hint of rose), enjoyed at Hugo’s Manly a few weeks ago. Summer in a glass.


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One Response to Feb Fast – taking a break from boozing!

  1. Kellie says:

    Febfast – I awoke to this blog and was truly inspired for a month of abstinence. After a large weekend trekking through the corporate sponsoship world of sporting events, and more importantly free sauv blanc, I awoke feeling decidedly pickled. Yay! Febfast. I’m in. I mention this wonderful idea to the god sitting opposite me who quietly reminds me that this Friday, Saturday and Sunday we have consecutive parties. Here is my dilemma. My immediate response was oh well I’ll do March-fast. Is it anti-Febfast behaviour to immediately abandon the commitment because of a party schedule? Paps I could just do a weekly fast? But not tonight, cause tonight I promised to have gin and tonics under my newly assembled outdoor umbrella. Mmmm i’m sensing a problem….but is it mine or Febfast’s?

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