Sneaking in a harvest…

I had a wonderful weekend – it brought back childhood memories and inspired future dreams. And stocked my fridge!

This weekend I…

Continued my weeklong streak of late nights in front of the completely addictive Australian Open tennis.
Feasted on Cilbil (Turkish style eggs benedict with a yoghurt, butter & paprika sauce, with shaved ham, mint & sourdough – the most amazing breakfast feast) at Spicer Street Café.

Enjoyed an ice-cold drive to the Southern Highlands in my recently re-gassed air-conditioned car.
Attended a 50th birthday picnic in the picturesque back corner of a lush green farm.
Marvelled at the kids swimming in the dam – apparently it’s only me who’s freaked out by the possibility of leeches…
Felt old. Then remembered I was at a 50th and felt youthful again!
Swayed & toe-tapped to the band (a local plumber & landscape designer, carving it up in their ‘weekend job’), while plucking grass from my shoes & swishing flies from my face.
Marvelled at Mother Nature’s fickle nature & slowed down to avoid the piles of hail in the middle of the highway, as I left 30 degree sunshine behind me & drove through torrential rain.
Attempted to capture the beauty of the Summer mist floating above the Breadalbane plains, with little success.
Contemplated investing in a decent camera, to avoid above problem.
Served up a surprisingly delicious omelette. Seem to have perfected it, at last.
Slept like a baby. Or at least like the worry-free child I once was.
Awoke to blue skies & sunshine. Thanks you Mother Nature.
Fed the neighbours chooks & collected the eggs. Still my least favourite chore.
Admired the guinea fowls and then sadly discovered that one such fowl had been a little too closely admired by a fox…
Collected guinea fowl feathers for Mum’s next craft project.
Raided the neighbours vegie garden – a glorious and awe-inspiring patch of robust growth and natural abundance.

Learned that peas and corn thrive best when planted alongside eachother.
Wondered about the gardener/farmer who first discovered said partnership for success.
Headed for lunch at Grandma’s Little Bakery – enjoying homemade moussaka, a glass of local sauvignon blanc & a view over the olive groves.

Stocked up on local produce in the ‘pantry’ & swooned over such a wonderful family business.
Returned to Sydney, planning my next trip & writing pages of notes & ideas in my ‘special notebook’.

It seems I have a fixation on making my future more like my past…!



About Tablecloths & Talking

Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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