So little, too much.

OMG, there are only 16 days of 2010 left. Where the hell has the year gone? I feel (and sound!) old when I say this, but every year just goes by faster. I feel like if I don’t keep my eye on the ball, life will just slip by.

I guess part of the reason for writing this blog is to slow things down, write about them, remember them.

So, this month I’ve learned…

That sometimes it’s best not to think, but just to do.
That friends are always there for you.
That putting the Xmas tree up without listening to carols is a mistake.
That nobody sings Jingle Bells like Old Blue Eyes.
That being a bridesmaid is a wonderful honour.
That Mother Nature is a fickle woman.
That even my Mum, who I consider to be a pretty tough chick, can be terrified by unpredictable weather.
That some things in life can be scary and exciting, in equal measures.
That having a friend who offers to clean your oven is a rare and precious commodity.
That Easy Off oven cleaner, containing goodness knows what, works in powerful & mysterious ways.
That the lolly jar goes down slower when it has lollies, not chocolate, in it.
That it’s possible to develop an addiction to Solitaire. Again.
That Face Time with my niece is a fun way to spend a Saturday night and doesn’t give you a hangover!
That when you know it’s your last, you tend to get a little loose at the work Xmas party (that includes a trip to Minskys…).
That three bulbs of garlic does seem like a lot.
That Ottolenghi’s garlic tart is surprisingly sweet, creamy and not a vampire slayer.
That shopping at JB Hifi is like entering a black hole. You come out heavy with bags, but unsure what made you buy that CD in middle eastern beats and that DVD in sci-fi TV shows.
That eating the real deal sage & prawn gnocchi at Bird Cow Fish is a far better taste experience than when I made it myself. And I thought I’d done such a good job!
That Anne of Green Gables is a true kindred spirit and her message is still valid 20 years later. And her hair still fabulous.
That Baby Joe cocktails are almost as good on a sunny Sydney Sunday, as they are at an afternoon English garden party. Almost.
That Berrymissu might sound like a silly name for a dessert, but it is not a silly dessert. It is amazing.
That making a change is hard, that accepting change is even harder, but when things change, it’s usually for the best.
That there’s so little time, so much to do. Even if time is frozen (again!) on my clock, it’s not actually frozen.

Promise me you’ll enjoy these final days of 2010.



About Tablecloths & Talking

Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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