30 before 30.

I’ve mentioned 28 & 29, well the birthday that comes after that is a big one and I’ve decided there are some things that I need to get done before then. So using an old article that I ripped out of the March 1997 CLEO magazine (yep, that’s over 13 years ago – did I mention I have piles of clippings hidden throughout my apartment/life?) as helpful inspiration, I’ve come up with a list of 30 things to do before I’m thirty. I’ve got 19 months, so I better get started.

1. Have an island holiday.
2. Go to the Margaret River and taste wine.
3. Register a business name.
4. Visit a country in Asia.
5. Go horse riding – may as well try to conquer that fear.
6. Dye my hair a completely different colour. Probably red.
7. Spend a day getting pampered with my fave girlfriends.
8. Visit a fortune teller.
9. Clean my oven. Properly.
10. Write down my family tree.
11. Win the lottery – large or small.
12. Start writing a novel.
13. Buy myself a beautiful piece of jewellery.
14. Test drive a Ferrari. Or a Mini Cooper S. I’m not so fussed…
15. Feel confident and comfortable wearing red lipstick.
16. Kiss someone passionately in the pouring rain.
17. Face my greatest fear…
18. Be an active member of a worthwhile charity.
19. Splurge on an amazing haute couture or designer outfit.
20. Be a TV/movie extra.
21. Make a dazzling entrance…
22. Read some more classics, especially Jane Austen.
23. Bake bread.
24. Start a course on a topic that has always interested me, and finish it.
25. Run under a sprinkler on a scorching Summer’s day, just like when we were kids.
26. Buy an original piece of art.
27. Spend a night in the best suite of a 5 star hotel.
28. Clean out my wardrobe. Properly.
29. Buy a cottage in the country and turn it into my home.
30. Leave my mark. Somewhere. Somehow.



About Tablecloths & Talking

Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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2 Responses to 30 before 30.

  1. G says:

    love it. i’ll be right next to you with at least half of the above! x

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