About me: bits and pieces.

My parents named me Elizabeth, but haven’t called me that since I was three.
I have many nicknames. I like almost all of them.
I hated turning 28, but am not afraid of turning 29…
I live in and love my teeny one bedder.
I obsess over food and all things food related.
I read cookbooks from cover to cover.
I have a restaurant wish-list that never gets shorter.
I have a love-hate relationship with my kitchen.
I read books to escape the everyday.
I scrapbook, but without the book. So many pieces of unfiled paper.
I love the smell of thunderstorms.
I have an unnatural love of Holden SS utes.
I love my new king size doona.
I dream about the house I’ll one-day own and fill to the brim with treats and treasures.
I love my family.
I am a planner.
I love a good cry.
I think too much.
I love to travel, but am not overly adventurous.
I love when I remember my dreams.
I love my friends. Old and new.
I have four god-daughters. All very different. All wonderful.
I have little patience for Sunday drivers.
I am mesmerised by open fires.
I am a Winter baby.
I cannot keep herbs alive. Yes, even rosemary.
I love looking at photos and remembering the good times.
I like that subconsciously when I’m missing mum, I buy fresh flowers.
I would love to live in Paris.
I am somewhat of a technophobe.
I like that I can call my Dad and just chat.
I have a newfound infatuation with Campari.
I miss my family and friends living overseas.
I cringe at badly written text messages.
I like to think of myself as Generation X, not Y.
I am in denial about some things…
I am a Gemini – talkative and unpredictable
I want to one day live in the country.
I love gingham tablecloths.
I think tacos do count as dinner party food.
I love to laugh with my friends.
I make lists. All the time. Kind of like this one.
I hope to make you smile when you read my blog.



About Tablecloths & Talking

Food. Friends. Fun. Preferably together. I love to eat, drink & be merry. I love to write. Tablecloths & Talking is me writing about doing the things I love.
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